Cedar finance Review

ceder 728x90 Cedar finance Review – Get Exclusive $6000 Welcome Bonus

Founded in: 2011
Headquarters: Nicosia, Cyprus
Website: www.cedarfinance.com
Minimum Deposit: $200
Minimum Trade Amount: $5
Maximum per Option: $3000
Return Rate in %: 65-75% and up to 81%
Option refund if out of the money: 0-10%
Traders from USA: Allowed
Additional Options: Currency Pairs, Indices, Commodities and Stocks
Languages available: English only, more coming soon

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July 2013 Update –

Cedar Finance is a top rated trading platform and just stared offering the best binary options in the trading industry. Cedar Finance earned the number one spot by committing to excellence service to their customers and listening to their needs. As of today, Cedar Finance offers the best binary options, and allows customers to get up-to-the minute news on how they are doing.

With the increase popularity at Cedar Finance, they are still striving to be the top rated trading company out there. Cedar Finance prides itself with an excellent trading platform, a large inventory, and simple funding. Not only does Cedar Finance possess all of these qualities, but they are continuing to be number one when it comes to trading platforms.

Cedar Finance – A Top Binary Trading Platform

Cedar Finance specializes in binary options trading with international clients. Their pioneer trading platform and trading strategies are very effective because each and every step is introduced by financial experts after a complete analysis. Their Verified 81% return rate and $6k Welcome bonus + free iPad has granted them the “best bonus for 2013″ editors choice. If you are looking for a binary options broker which is USA friendly and CFTC regulated then the Cedar Finance trading platform is for you. the platform delivers traders effortless and natural methods to trade on top financial instruments such as Stocks, Forex, Indices and commodities. Read our Ceder Finance review below to learn more about one of the top 3 brands in the world

Our Review looks at one of the top binary options brokers available on the market. Cedar Finance provides truly superb fixed-return options for their customers with a friendly user interface and top selection of assets. With headquarters in Cyprus and regional offices around the world, Cedar Finance is able to provide ongoing support and advice to traders wherever they are, whatever their time zone. The platform is exciting, with high welcome bonuses and a massive range of options, not to mention fair pricing. Each trader has the opportunity to access personal trading advisers and there is loads of information on the website to help with the trading journey.

Trading options is very easy with Cedar Finance

Binary options are available in the form of commodities, currencies, stock indices, and stocks. And on top of this there are a variety of types of binary option that you can trade. The web-based platform makes it easy to trade with any device. All you need is a browser and an internet connection, and you can trade at home, in your office, or on the move. If Forex is your passion there are a wide variety of currencies to be traded, or if you prefer to get your head into company balance sheets you can pick stocks from Asia, America, Europe, and Australasia. Indices are available from all around the world too. There’s the option to trade 60-second binaries and get exhilarated by the buzz of these short trades. You can also trade high-low, touch, no touch, and week-long trades.

Customer support

The customer support offered by Cedar Finance is second to none. Advisers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to support new and regular traders. They are knowledgeable about both binary options and the technicalities of the platform itself, and can be accessed via phone, live web chat, or e-mail.

High earnings in simple steps

The service provided by Cedar Finance enables traders to make huge earning with very simple steps. The trading process is smooth and simple, as easy as 1-2-3. You select the assets; you fix your trade; and then you decide how much you want to invest; and then you simply set the trade running. The web platform really does make it easy to enter the world of binary options trading.
Cedar Finance is a company developed by traders for traders. It was conceptualized by people that have been in the industry for many many years and understand what it’s like to be on your end of the trading relationship. They therefore ensure usability, diversity of assets, and accessibility for new traders. The look and feel of the website is clean and fresh and navigation is simple. Decisions can be implemented fast and there is an array of guidance and information to help with the trading process.

Platform support

The trading platform offers well over 85 assets on which traders can place their investment. There are also a variety of time scales from 60 seconds, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours, and even longer. The company is keenly focused on ensuring that each and every customer receives top service and is maximally satisfied. They offer support in French, German, Italian, and English, with more languages coming soon. The real time data on the site makes research and understanding the process very simple.

Controlled Trading with Cedar Finance

Accurate pricing is a key with binary options trading and is what is delivered through Cedar Finance. Everything is clear and transparent so that the trader has maximum control over their trading career. Withdrawals and deposits are simple, and limits are very flexible. Recent innovations have enabled up to 900% trade returns on certain investments. And it’s possible for traders to choose from a variety of risk levels so that they can engage with trades that suit their trading personality.

Rewarding Trading

There certainly are a lot options for trades and also a lot of lucrative binaries with Cedar Finance. On top of the average 80% return investment from trades, there’s also an awful lot of support, through training, answers to questions, tutorials, and access to professionals. Customers are filled with confidence because of the support and professionalism of the teams behind Cedar Finance.
It’s a rewarding experience to engage with Cedar Finance; both financially and educationally. Trading online is simpler than ever with this platform built by traders for traders just like you.
Open a Cedar Finance account today and benefit from the generous welcome bonuses.

Easily Access and Hold a profitable Account by Simple Registration

There is no need of deposit amount for account holding with the fortune trading platform – Cedar Finance. The deposit amount will be needed while initiating the trading, so that debit/credit cards, CashU and Wire transfer are some the usual deposit modes For depositing by CashU and credit card deposit method, the minimum deposit price is $200 whereas the bank wire transfer indicate the minimum deposit is $500 This site is proving the consumer friendly feature by accepting EUR, USD and GBP currencies The credit cards finalizing the ceiling for the deposit amount of $5,000 whereas the bank wire transfer accepted the deposits without any upper limit

EXCLUSIVE bonus of $6,000

Traders will facilitate with the exclusive competitive bonus awarded for deposits and especially to initiate trades. Presently, traders can obtain Cedar Finance’s debut bonus – $6000- a welcome bonus. Establishing with such a big amount will allow novel customers to open various options for an optimistic approach in constructing their freshly created portfolios. Furthermore, several bonuses are delivered such as 30% – 75% starting with the Bronze account rewarding a 30 percentage bonus with the ceiling of $999, Silver account rewarding up to $4,999 whereas the Gold indicating a 75 percentage Bonus with an upper limit of $9,999.

Demo Account

High profit yielding Binary options brokers like Cedar Finance keeps away from demo accounts that could be a dilemma for someone, so that this trading platform can be absolutely evaluated through generating basic account at free of cost. It is a kind of dignity among the worldwide populaces. Hence, the account creation page is busy at every moment. The traders can enter into the finance playground by simply conveying their personal information’s such as the first name, last name, active email address and phone number. This simple information entering provides the authentication to trade with the international clients. A sign in option of this site acting as a tool that reimburses the successful fiscal operations. The high-tech software and top-notch services especially for the trading binary options of Cedar Finance grasps the attention of the customer’s around the universe. the Minimum deposit at Ceder Finance is $200 for a real account.

The Huge Returns via profits

Binary options through Cedar Finance deliver a novel and familiar fiscal instrument handling with copious inbuilt benefits. The traders have the opportunity to acquire and predestined payouts 68% to 81%, whereas 65-75 percentages offered as a minimal payout. Furthermore, high return One Touch trade Option will be announced that consist of maximum percentage 500. In addition, 0-10 percentages delivered as a Refund percentage according to the type of the trade and the amount invested. The transparency is the signature and every investor has the crystal clear dealings without any bewilderment

through the platform

Top-notch customer care service

The FAQ page facilitated the consumer to clarify their doubts regarding the trading at any time. They deliver the secure trading through the password protection. The entire customer details have kept beneath the privacy policy and the personal information of the account holder never revealed to any third party. The personal account managers take care of every individual through phone, email or email chat. The CEDAR finance delivers the complete information regarding the trading markets and provides the path for merging with it. The special seminars, live chat, technical support through phone, one-on-one training and so forth offered to the account holder and hence the customer gratification mail reaches often Cedar Finance. Even though, the time shown on the website is GMT-1, the customer support executives of this reputed trading platform ensure the service throughout the clockwise. There is no trace of “error” identified in the encyclopedia of Cedar Finance and it is one of the reasons for holding the top position in the best trading platform listing.

No Hidden Charges

The Cedar Finance has provided the complete details of the query How to Trade. Hence, even novices can also involving in the trade according to their desire and skill. The panel members of this firm lend the hands for the traders through the live chat. They deliver the invaluable predetermination options, excellent prediction guidance and up to the minute performance of the particular asset. These kinds of guidance make an individual well versed in the trading platform and they can invest in a selective trading option from the group binary options, one touch and 60 seconds. The Cedar Finance permits the customer to purchase or sell through the concept no market spread.

No Robotic Actions, Play Your Individuality

The Asset index of Cedar Finance showcases the list of entire trading assets and the trader can effortlessly acquire the invaluable details such as trading symbols, description of a particular asset and also the trading symbols. There is no need of downloading any software or installation while trading with CEDAR Finace. The registration form in this reliable platform is acting as a key which opens the profitable trading world without any difficulty. There is no need of any further assistance and you can start your role play through trading binary options. The weekly review includes the Monday to Friday performance of the assets and the comment over the various currencies such as Euro, Yen and Pound. Hence, the greenhorn for the trading platform can also perform well while they utilize the strategies available at Cedar Finance

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ceder 728x90 Cedar finance Review – Get Exclusive $6000 Welcome Bonus

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CedarFinance Cedar finance Review – Get Exclusive $6000 Welcome Bonus