Bianry options trading with LBinary

LBinary 728x90 LBinary Review   Huge 720% return rates for 2013

Founded in: 2012
Offices: Nicosia, Cyprus; London, UK; Victoria, Seychelles;
Minimum Deposit: $250
Minimum Trade Amount: $25
Maximum per Option: $3000
Returns in the Money: 83%-720%
Option Refund If Out of Money: 0-17%
Bonuses: 20%-100%
Platform: Spot
Additional Options: Stocks, Currencies, Indices, Commodities
US Traders: Allowed
Languages Available: English, French, Italian, Arabic. Turkish coming soon.

LBinary Review – State of the Art Trading platform

One of the newest brokers on our radar is LBinary, even though they’ve been around for a while. Inside sources tell us they have a really good international team that worked with similar top brands around the world in the past. We have tried them on the aspects that seem important to the majority of brokers, and the conclusions are in front of you.

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LBinary brokerage

The most important thing to verify with any broker, is their honesty. Honesty comes via service, in our business – the top service is prompt withdrawals. LBinary are bragging about 72h withdrawals for all account types. We took their word for it, and checked this. All the amounts tested (up to 25k$ for a single account) were indeed released within the 72h (plus the normal lead time for wire transfers in case they happened, the withdrawals to credit\debit cards were almost instantaneous). It is a good thing, especially considering on some accounts we won, and on some we did not trade (all in all, there were 11 accounts tested with LBinary) at all.


Of course we got “sale” calls from the LBinary team, when we registered. The staff was courteous and pleasant on the whole. Not very pushy, for account managers, and rather helpful. The knowledge level varied, but if an account manager encountered a question he did not know the answer for, a more experienced person usually called back with all the necessary information. LBinary also provides lessons in varying levels, for beginners and for more experienced traders. The only thing that was slightly missing is the “shared view” option for the lessons, which were conducted solely by phone. When we asked about group webinars, we were told that this will be considered as an option to the future.

Trading with LBinary

The platform is rather standard, what we already know from other Spot brands for binary options trading, but what caught us was the design. It was elegant and simple. We liked the color scheme, and overall the UI was pleasing for a long term use. Unlike some other brands that might catch your eye at first, but are not really suitable for constant use. We’re pleased to say that LBinary works fine in that respect. Unfortunately, the site has experienced some glitches and long loading at times. No trades were lost because of that, and the issues only affected content, not the trading platform, and when asked – LBinary staff told us the problem was indeed design related, and due to efforts to improve the customer service. Upon rechecking later, the problem did not appear again.

Promotions and bonuses

As many binary brokers do, LBinary also provides incentives to sign up with them. Though, you rather have to ask the account managers for them, they are of the opinion that excessive bonuses interfere with traders risk management, and harm the customers. Thus, LBinary is rather reluctant to give the cash bonuses, and has strict policies regarding them. Other promotions they are more happy to give, including the free lessons, online around the clock support (the chat feature is rather useful), and “insured” trades.


LBinary is definitely one of the more interesting brokers out there at the moment, with the key features that “bought” us were the quick money transfer for all account types, pleasant environment and familiar platform. The few kinks we encountered are relatively unimportant. If they continue with such a policy, they will certainly be preferred by clients for a lasting time.

LBinary 728x90 LBinary Review   Huge 720% return rates for 2013

Open an account with LBinary and start trading now with a $60k Bonus
LBinary LBinary Review   Huge 720% return rates for 2013